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Historical Background::

In 1998, "Everbright Groups Limited" launched elderly homes, disabled homes, and other support services in succession with the philosophy of "people-oriented, holistic development." These initiatives received encouraging responses from the community, and we have always served the community with the concept of "creating welfare through business."

In 2002, "Everbright Concern Action" was founded, a non-profit social welfare charity program that obtained a charity license exempted from taxation under Section 88 of the "Inland Revenue Ordinance" during the same period. The organization aims to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged community in need and subsequently launch various services to meet the social needs.



"Everbright Concern Action" takes serving the community as its own responsibility, focusing on the neglected groups in society. Through services, it provides appropriate services or financial assistance to the disadvantaged community in need, with the aim of building a caring and mutually supportive community.



  1. Promote mutual love, understanding, and commitment among human beings, and provide appropriate services to the disadvantaged community in need by jointly participating in the process and building a better community together;

  2. Provide counseling and therapeutic services for people with emotional, intellectual, physical, or mental needs;

  3. Promote innovative services for the neglected individuals in society, cater to their needs, and make up for the inadequacy of services;

  4. Assist in promoting social services so that those in need receive adequate care and protection;

  5. Promote sustainable environmental protection activities and green living education projects, enabling community members to understand the importance of holistic human physical and mental well-being.

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