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Service Centres

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SO UK Social Service Centre
Located in Siu Wu Estate, the "SO UK Social Service Centre" was established to carry out the organization's vision and beliefs. Its service goals include:

  1. Promoting employment for the elderly, providing job opportunities for seniors with financial and emotional needs to alleviate their difficulties;

  2. Promoting mutual love, understanding, and commitment among people, jointly participating in the process of helping the disadvantaged community, and building a better community together;

  3. Providing counseling and therapeutic services for people with emotional, intellectual, physical, or mental needs;

  4. Promoting new services for the neglected individuals in society, catering to their needs and filling the gaps in services;

  5. Assisting in promoting green living to cultivate physical and mental well-being among citizens and establishing a positive outlook on life.

 Grandma's Soup
Soup Central Factory - Senior Employment Training and Production


Warm-hearted soup, unforgettable taste

"Grandma's Soup" was inspired by the warmth of loved ones, passing down a bowl of warm soup, each containing memories and stories of a family, the taste of remembrance, and the most delicious memories.

In addition to providing more job opportunities for the elderly, the Soup Workshop serves as a training center for elderly employment and production of additive-free home health soup. It also offers nostalgic pastries, homemade sauces, and healthy organic beverages. Apart from providing an employment platform for seniors, the workshop regularly delivers delicious and healthy products to the disadvantaged community, sharing love through food.

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Social Enterprise Restaurant Yau Ma Tei - Gingko House

1. Promoting employment for the elderly: hiring seniors to manage the restaurant. Elderly employment services include job matching, training, orientation, hiring, employment counseling, personal growth, and development.

2. Using the restaurant's venue to carry out various charitable activities.

  • Poverty alleviation services: distributing "Peace Meal Boxes" to provide food for the poor, arranging individual visits and care activities, and reducing their living expenses.

  • Love platform: providing a platform for the public to participate in poverty alleviation projects, community members can purchase Peace Meal Boxes to donate to the disadvantaged community, and recruiting volunteers to help with distribution, bringing care to the underprivileged.

  • Warm clothing distribution: organizing "Warm Clothing Distribution" during severe cold weather to provide warm clothing for the impoverished.

  • Promoting soft meals: promoting and providing soft meal services for those with difficulty swallowing.

  • Services for the homeless: providing employment opportunities for the homeless, helping them become self-reliant.

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